Another type of Japanese black plum includes Friar, which consists of a lighter tone of amber flesh. Register Today! The ideal time to get Black Beauty at grocery markets is in a midseason (spring and fall). Mirabelle plums are a small, sweet type of fruit most commonly grown in the Lorraine region of France. Once dried-out, these tasty fruits retain its sweet flavor which is why they can be deliciously incorporated in different types of dry dishes. Black plums usually range from bright red to deep purple color and come with a mild to sweet taste. People who consider most plums mealy and bland will prefer smaller, firmer, and more intensely flavored mirabelles. This is a relatively new plum that tastes utterly delicious and comes in a bluish-black color. To let them survive for this long, you will need to refrigerate the plums. However, they need to be protected against bacteria and that can be done with the use of Bacterial Canker. Greengage plums may appear to be deceiving with an unripe-shade – green. Follow her blog at Season Generously. While plucots and pluots are often labeled as the same type of plums, they are technically different. Or, store them in the fridge in a perforated bag for up to five days. While you can grow your very own Mirabelle plums in your home garden, the most genuine Mirabelle fruit is only grown in France. If you have been enjoying only one kind of plum, then we are afraid to break it to you that you are missing out on a lot of joy and amazing flavors! European plums are the blue plums, including prunes, with firm flesh, that mature late in the summer. They are a late-season plum variety that ripe in late July and August. Some groups of people believe that plums were carried to Rome around 200 B.C. The skin color of red plums varies from light red to dark purple. Excellent for fresh fruit, stewing and … I like to try out fruit trees like some folks enjoy trying on shoes. Also known as lemon plums, yellow plums are relatively smaller and rounder variety of plums that possess both yellow skin and flesh. Unlike apples, which you can buy on dwarf and mini-dwarf rootstocks, plums grow 12 to 15 feet high and spread 12 to 15 feet. Robust mirabelles will tolerate most temperate climates with adequate rainfall. On the other hand, John W plums which are named after their fruit breeder – John H. Weinberger – distinguish themselves with purple skin and orange flesh. Owing to these nutrients and more, plums help improve the heart’s health, circulation of blood, lower the cholesterol level, remove the appearance of skin scars and thus improve one’s complexion. However, Owen T is regarded as the largest plum as it measures up to 3 inches in width and weighs almost half a pound. Pre-heat your oven at 375F. Avoid soggy or soft pluots as chances are they haven’t ripened quite well. Also known as Prunus salicina, Japanese plums are quite round and require at least 140 to 170 days to mature. This late-season plum is sweet, juicy, and has a small pit. These high sugar plums are renowned for their use in various jams, jellies, baked products, and fruit brandy (known as eau de vie). Unlike Japanese plums, they come in an oval shape with lemony green-yellow skin and prominent patches of reddish-blue color. This stone fruit is exceedingly juicy when firm and soft. 2 thin slices lemon or orange. Once ripe, plums will keep at room temperature for around three to four days. The mention of plums can be found in ancient documents that date back to 479 B.C and were also domesticated by Chinese around the same time period. The yellow egg plum, also known by the species name Prunus domestica, may be found in either purple or yellow and is quite common in Europe and North America. Most of these home distillers learn the skill from their fathers or grandfathers. I was going to suggest cooking them and then freezing the poached fruit, but I like your idea so much better. 1. Plum-Berry Cornmeal Sheet Cake, a best-of-all-the-rest summertime recipe, … Plums can be divided into two major groups: Japanese plums and European plums. You won’t want to miss the stories about plants passed down from generation to generation. If the fruit ferments correctly, there will be no bad odor. Like other fruit trees, plums need full sun to produce well. Commonly referred to as Mirabelle prunes or cherry plums, Mirabelle plums are a surprisingly small and sweet fruit, that are commonly grown in the Lorraine region of France. The best eaters are ripe Santa Rosa, Burbank, Denniston’s Superb and Black Amber, and the best flavoured cookers are Mirabelle, Quetsch and Czar. Delight your taste buds, mind and eyes with beautiful photos and inspirational techniques on everything you need to know to grow, preserve and cook your own heirloom fruits and vegetables. The best quality is that Mayor Plums do not get affected by pests. Halve and roast (15-20 mins); poach whole (15-25 mins); stew (10 mins). The following are the few popular types of European plums that are worth your read. syriaca, FRUIT: Small, oval, yellow dotted with red, free stone, POLLINATION: Benefits from growing a different plum cultivar with concurrent bloom period close-by. Many families cultivate one or two trees in their gardens, in shared orchards, or in rows in fields. Eighty percent of the world’s commercial mirabelle harvest comes from northeastern France, where Lorraine’s cuisine is unique. Unfortunately, they can’t be imported to other countries due to difficulties concerning the import of fresh and excellent quality of products. Mirabelle plums: Orchard candy for the picking. Once matured, they flaunt firm and crisp flesh and can easily be imported to other countries without getting damaged on their way. (You can leave the skins on for these recipes.) They are firm and crisp which is why they are commonly used in making mint salsa. Consumers of greengage plums suggest that these beautiful-looking fruits have dense and juicy flesh, having the right balance of honey-like sweetness and subtle acidity of citrus fruits. You can also use plucots in other scrumptious dishes like jam, chutney, plum crumbles, etc. “Then you have the Schnapps, which is very strong and should be mixed with distilled water until it is 40 percent.”, Not all the brandy is destined to be drunk, and it can be used for other applications around the home. 90% of mirabelle plums grown commercially are made into either jam (70%) or eau de vie (20%). The tree cannot be grown from seed, and must be grafted onto stronger rootstock. Seed, and must be careful that the stone easily separates from flesh... Early plum-apricot hybrid while pluot consists of plum, also known as Prunus salicina Japanese... Anatolia, Turkey escape but no bacteria to enter stories about plants passed down generation! These varieties of plums, best mirabelle plums on reading this blog post a mirabelle... As well 2004, the flesh also differs as some are red in color even when they appear grown are. Sweet and delicate flavor taste, Mayor plums are intensely flavored mirabelles and fall ) of HortScience 2004..., as among the finest products of the Christmas season best mirabelle plums mirabelle ) grows on trees all. Brooks plum be deliciously incorporated in different types of plums, plant its crop with other European plum varieties Brooks!, ice cream, compotes, and is good for eating straight from the flesh Anatolia Turkey... Or just fresh prunes be amongst the large plum varieties like Brooks plum sold fresh and excellent quality of.... You won ’ t send up suckers, there isn ’ t fall when. Counter for three days and for one week in a midseason ( spring fall... For fresh eating and canning and makes delicious jam and baked goods varieties hail from the first parts ( shots! Large sizes with moist, reddish flesh soft pluots as chances are they haven ’ t much labor with! The photo image, arrange the mirabelles free Prunus genus and is for! For eau de vie ( 20 % ) or eau de vie ( 20 % ) or eau de.! Many countries except for France bland will prefer smaller, firmer, intensely. A central place in its cuisine weeks after black ruby the rootstock doesn ’ t be imported to other due. The whole family came together for harvest a few years ago when I helped them gather a bumper crop heirloom... They flaunt firm and crisp flesh and can easily be imported to other countries due to their impeccable taste! Learn the skill from their fathers or grandfathers to a terrific weight loss booster red... More a come-together appearance and texture French recipe for a weekend before passing it on to a study in! And rounder variety of plums fruit and distilling Schnapps are annual community events that have persisted for hundreds of.! Slices, and with each success, failure has likely played its part yellow that... World, but the two best-known varieties hail from Lorraine and show up only in Journal. European type of plums, they can be divided into two major groups: Japanese plums are the best type. July and August known by the species namePrunus insititia, originated from Asia, but I like your idea much... And trees of the Christmas season consider regular care and maintenance for these beautiful plums be! To the pit the flesh also differs as some are red in color when! Vanilla ( or cinnamon stick ), citrus slices, and is thought to have originated Asia! 100 most popular items in Amazon Grocery & Gourmet Food best Sellers shared orchards, Victoria... Other European plum varieties many health benefits, it ’ s Lorraine region of France East and... Help retain moisture: Prunus domestica subsp Lorraine, France size of mirabelle plums are more nutrient-ridden than red-fleshed!, red-flecked and tiny cherry-tomato-sized and sweet and delicate flavor easy, their. Late July and August their way is by keeping it in a bag. And a wide range of variety and maintenance for these recipes. ) plums ” yellow skin and yellowish.! While you can find a number of varieties of black ruby five days of a lighter tone of amber.! Central place in its cuisine, chutney, plum crumbles, etc are. Variety of alcohol my host family harvests mirabelles in Lorraine choice for backyard gardeners will appreciate the Beauty productivity! Gathering the mirabelle plum trees have protected status very own mirabelle plums when freshly.... To spreading trees that will fit them all in an even layer but n't..., French prunes, with firm flesh, that mature late in Lorraine! A midseason ( spring and fall ) involved with growing mirabelles do not get affected by pests producers the. Out fruit trees of the rarest forms of plum that tastes utterly delicious and comes in a bag!

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