Vanilla a Halal or Haram Product. According to Shia marajea' viewpoint, it's necessary to avoid from vanilla extraxt, and its using is forbidden. It is obtained from the beans of a tropical vine of genus vanilla. Don't listen to the microgeniuses here who claim that it's not a problem. But it would be religiously superior, where reasonably possible, to avoid the varieties containing such alcohol in order to respect the difference of opinion on the matter. Vanilla Beans: Vanilla beans are identified as the properly cured and dried fruit-pods of the vanilla orchid in vanilla standard. This pure vanilla powder is not considered Halal because it is obtained from vanilla extract containing alcohol. Alcohol based vanilla extract is strictly haram.

This can be applied to the use of vanilla extract… a person can … chocolate, ice cream, pancakes and sweets, is produced from this plant. I heard that vanilla extract has certain amounts of alcohol in it and that we can't consume it. And you were right it is the law in the United States that vanilla extract needs to have 35% alcohol. You can narrow down your search from Hanafi, Shafi'i, Maliki, and Hanbali schools of law. Vanilla extract is also used in ice cream, therefore it does not evaporate from heat since it is ice cream. Vanilla is the most world prized flavor. No, vanilla essence is permitted to use in food and the like, even if there is some incidental remnant of the carrier alcohol. Water based vanilla extract is halal. IslamQA - Search through over 75,000 Islamic Answers Find authentic Islamic Answers from over 69,000 questions. Vanilla Extract (Haram) Vanillin (Halal) Vegetable Oils (Halal) Vinegar (Halal) Vital Wheat Gluten (Halal) Vitamin A as Retinol (Doubtful) Vitamin B12: As Cyanocobalamin (Doubtful) Vitamin B1: As Thiamine (Doubtful) Vitamin B2: As Riboflavin (Doubtful) Vitamin B5: As Pantotherric Acid (Doubtful) Is it that big of a problem. so my answer is not a main stream opinion. Does that mean vanilla extract is Haram? I’m a muslim but i dont really hold into certain group of islamic faith such hanafi, hambali, syafie, malikie, sunni or shia…any group at all. Because vanilla extract has vodka(or some other type of alcohol) in it. I live in America and almost everything has vanilla extract in it. I live in Pakistan so I don’t have to worry about halal ingredients – we get vanilla essence very easily here – however, the issue is that in almost every recipe book they will recommend using pure vanilla extract because its obviously pure and has better flavor (it just has alcohol & vanilla beans with the alcohol being a … The beans at harvest do not have the characteristic vanilla fragrance but requires curing processes to obtain the vanilla fragrance. Lastly, is this hadith sahih? As well as, most soy sauces have 50% or more alcohol in it. because there is at least %35 alcohol in vanilla extract. Sam's Club has a water-based imitation vanilla extract that is halal. Halal b.Vanilla Extracts and Vanilla Powders: The reminder of the standard is involved with describing in general terms how the extract … Does that make soy sauce Haram as well? Because I love Starbucks (a coffee shop), although mostly everything has vanilla extract. Our ulema said that the vanilla extract containing alcohol has to be chemically changed to a new thing, here it is not the case, only alcohol is evaporated and natural vanillin from vanilla beans is contaminated with najus alcohol. Grand Ayatollah Khamenei (may Allah grant him long life):If the alcohol is not intoxicating and it is not in a liquid form either, it is halal. This is an important issue and something to be aware of.

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