Chapter 450 - Troubles and the Ding General Manor's Counterplot, Chapter 449 - Interlocked: The Empress Dowager's Plot, Chapter 448 - Dishonored: A Good Show in the Gold Store. Chapter 175 - Fleeing the Carriage and The Struggle between Life and Death. After all, even if it’s just a drop at a time, you’ll eventually you’ll eventually drain the ocean given enough time.”. While Reid initially struggled to become a hero in his former life due to his half-demon heritage, he realizes that he has been reborn as the daughter of … She was not totally conscious after being drugged. by Fluffy. Chapter 154 - Who Would Become the Crown Prince? The Chaos Starts Again. It … 84 – Wake the Sleeping Princess . Welcome to reading and collection 《Reborn: Revenge of the Concubine's Daughter》 latest chapter. Chapter 451 - Who is the Owner of the Shop? Chapter 317 - Fifth Princess Seduced and Fallen into a Trap Late night. Advertisements. Accomplishments of the Duke's Daughter is a josei (older woman) level story. Maybe I’ll get authority over curses?” Maven continued, her head titling cutely to the side as she pondered this curious turn of events. Chapter 533 - A Fight, Yu Mingyong VS Lian An, Chapter 532 - Yu Mingyong Makes Trouble for Lian’s Manor, Chapter 530 - The Plum Job That Madam Lian Vied for, Chapter 528 - Madam Ming Checked Paintings in King Xuan’s Manor, Chapter 527 - At Night, the Back Yard of King Xuan’s Manor, Chapter 526 - Scheming, Concubine Xiang’s End, Chapter 525 - Heavy Punishment, Beating All to Death, Chapter 524 - Feng Yuran Returned to the Capital, Chapter 523 - The Beauty in the West Hill Yard, Chapter 522 - Consort Zhao's Plan in the Heart, Chapter 521 - A Scheme, Yu Feng’s Suggestion, Chapter 520 - In the Yu Manor, Consort Yu Visited the Wounded, Chapter 519 - A Letter Concubine Qin Wanted to Give Out Urgently, Chapter 518 - It's Good If Things Get Messy, Chapter 517 - The Sudden Attack from Concubine Xiang, Chapter 516 - Officially Falling out with the He Family, Chapter 515 - The One Behind the Scenes, the He Family, Chapter 514 - Horror by the Lake, Several Changes, Chapter 513 - The Arrogant First Miss Yun, Chapter 512 - Mo Xuetong's Birthday Banquet, Chapter 511 - Secret Moves, Concubine Xiang Is Pregnant, Chapter 509 - You Yuecheng and Ling Mingyan Made Trouble in the Restaurant, Chapter 508 - The Present, a Precious Hibiscus Jade Ring, Chapter 507 - Discovery, the Joy of Xiang Xieyue, Chapter 505 - Mo Xuetong's Guesses and Doubts, Chapter 504 - Marrying into King Xuan's Manor, He Yufen Was Splashed with a Basin of Water, Chapter 503 - The Mingyue Palace, Consort Zhao's Plan, Chapter 501 - If You Could Be More Obedient to Me, Chapter 500 - Transfer the Anger on Others, the Wrath that Cannot Be Quenched, Chapter 499 - You Yue'e's Fury out of Shame, Chapter 498 - In a Fit of Rage, the Empress Lost Her Temper, Chapter 497 - Ling Rui'er's Violent Disturbance, Chapter 496 - Show Her Ability, and Match Point by Point, Chapter 495 - In the Tianfeng Palace, the Empress' Favoritism, Chapter 494 - A Greedy Old Servant of the King Jin's Manor, Chapter 493 - The Plot Failed, and Bring Trouble to Themselves, Chapter 492 - Whose Baby Was She Carrying, Chapter 491 - Kicking up a Fuss Outside King Yan's Manor, Chapter 488 - At the Mo Manor and Auntie Qing's Change, Chapter 487 - A Warning at the Fu General Manor, Chapter 486 - Consort Zhao Was Thrown out and Encounters Lian An, Chapter 485 - Our King's Manor Doesn't Need a Second Consort, Chapter 484 - Going Against Consort Zhao in Qianqing Palace, Chapter 482 - Only Entrance But No Exit, Arrival of He Yuxiu, Chapter 481 - Secrets, Helping His Highness with His Plan, Chapter 480 - Being Provocative, Apologies from Concubine Qin, Chapter 479 - Feng Yuxuan's Plan within the Military Base, Chapter 478 - Depressed, A Concubine was Promoted Newly, Chapter 477 - Humble, Concubine Qin's Worry, Chapter 476 - The Two Concubines' Scheme, A Secret Meet in the Jinwei Pavilion, Chapter 475 - Love Blossoms During a Medicinal Bath in the Hot springs, Chapter 474 - Tianfeng Palace, Ling Rui'er Becomes a Concubine, Chapter 473 - A Fight and How Concubine Qin Thinks of Mo Xuemin, Chapter 472 - The Concubines of King Xuan's Manor, Chapter 471 - Punishment of Both King Manors, Chapter 470 - Jealousy, Came out of nowhere, Chapter 469 - Pay Respects to the Emperor, Incisive Words, Chapter 468 - Meeting the Emperor in the Palace, Chapter 467 - The Confrontation Between the Emperor and Empress in the Imperial Study. Abandoning her use of tiny threads to restrain the occasional writhing tentacle or two (hundred), Maven just poured an endless flood of divine power onto it and brute forced a solution. Looks like I can only take the curse down one boulder-sized chunk per thread, with a limit of about a dozen threads at a time, but at least we know my current limit. Chapter 172 - The Beauty Who Followed After, Chapter 170 - Quietly Stayed Alone in Mingzhu Palace, Chapter 169 - They Brought the Duke Along to Have a Look, Chapter 168 - Who Is the One Conducting the Affair, Chapter 167 - The Interesting Show at Qingfang Pavilion, Chapter 165 - The Interesting Show at Qingfang Pavilion, Chapter 164 - Get a Good Spot to Watch an Affair, Chapter 163 - A Gentle Trap In The Darkness, Chapter 162 - Trapped In Trouble After The Feast, Chapter 161 - To Find Out Who Wrote The Love Poem And The Secret Relationship Behind It, Chapter 160 - A Secret Date in the Palace, and the Maid Sent a Secret Message, Chapter 159 - The Love Poem at the Banquet, Chapter 158 - Two Butterflies on a Splendid Dress, Rouge was, Chapter 157 - The Contest Between the Imperial Concubines and the Competition at the Banquet, Chapter 156 - You Yuecheng Threatens Mo Xuetong but is Shamed Instead, Chapter 155 - A Chance Meeting, Annoying Marquess Mingguo. She grew into a fragile yet beautiful little girl. 16 years later, amidst the festivities in honour of the Queen’s birthday, a young girl is awash with nostalgia. Advertisements. Formerly, The Fallen Daughter of the Duke. Chapter 446 - The Vicious Mo Xueqiong Begs for Help, Chapter 445 - Returning to the Mo Manor and Meeting Second Consort Yan, Chapter 444 - The Most Popular Courtesan, Miss Cairong in the Peony Garden, Chapter 442 - Two Men Fight Over a Girl and Blocked the Street, Chapter 441 - The Painting of King Jin's Three Princesses, Chapter 440 - The Fu General Manor's Old Madam Is Sick, Chapter 439 - Ding General Manor Swayed between Two Palaces, Chapter 438 - Cards on the Table, Aunt Deals with the Nephew in the Cining Palace, Chapter 437 - The Strange Truth, Punishment On the Younger Sister Instead Of Elder Sister, Chapter 435 - Who Is the Empress Dowager’s Ke’er, Chapter 434 - A Close Examination and Consort Zhao’s Plots, Chapter 433 - The Empress Dowager Asks for Ideas in Cining Palace, Chapter 432 - A Gift of Clothes, the He Sisters Grow Greedy, Chapter 431 - Asking for the Peony Garden, Chapter 430 - The Past Thing, What Is Peony Master For, Chapter 429 - Tenderness, the Knot of Rebirth, Chapter 428 - Persuasion, Pay a Visit to Li's Manor, Chapter 427 - The Fight Between Yu Mingyong and Li Youmo, Chapter 426 - Meeting Li Youmo at Fragrance House Again, Chapter 425 - What Happens in the Past Affects the Future. Although she had reincarnated as the daughter of a Duke's house, by the time she regained her memories, the Ending was already here. “Not a bad idea,” Maven said with a soft smile, grateful towards her companions for their calming presence and helpful advice. Harry is sleeping when he woke to a noise, Henry called a voice mama papa and grandpa and grandma are waiting for you downstairs. If you can seal off the curse, she should be waking up soon… but if you need to absorb the curse one piece at a time, we’ll probably have to keep her around for awhile.” Henna added, warning Maven that if the curse couldn’t be resolved quickly, Ela would be forced to accompany them. Read manga Deathbound Duke's Daughter and Seven Noblemen Chapter 1 with high quality images, update fastest at Mangahua That’s awesome!” Kannon said, doing a little jig in her excitement. However, she's not reborn as the game's protagonist, the main heartthrob of the harem. 《Reborn: Revenge of the Concubine's Daughter》all content from the Internet, or users upload, Our purpose is to promote the original author of the novel. Using Her Illness To Plot, Chapter 26 The Bastard Plots In The Temple, Chapter 25 Meeting An Old Friend At The Buddhist Hall Chapter 25 Meeting An Old Friend At The Buddhist Hall, Chapter 21 The Sisters Fight And Were Punished, Chapter 18 Meeting Bai Yihao For The First Time, Chapter 17 Cousins Of The General Manor Meet, Chapter 16 The Fight Between Sisters Of Qingwei Garden, Chapter 13 Auntie Fang's Defense In Lihe Gardens, Chapter 10 Defeating The Hypocritical Elder Sister, Chapter 8 The Plot Deepens As The Carriage Approaches The Capital, Chapter 6 Punishing Xuetong's Naughty Maid, Chapter 5 Flying Thieves In Ziteng Garden, Chapter Chapter 502 - Duke Ding Expressed His Loyalty, The Strongest Dull Prince’s Secret Battle for the Throne. It was about time that the new Vongola head was trained. The festive colors blinded everyone. Ch. The fire was out of control as the wind helped it … A blooming young lady who’s currently 16 years of age. Title: Reborn's daughter WHAT! Chapter 173 - Resentment. Chapter 118: Returning to the Town of Jiameng (1) Ye Tianxin was so lost in thought that she didn’t even notice when hot water overflowed from the cup, burning her feet. 30 1 3. Queen Kristina was framed by her half-sister and thereby executed at the tender age of 16. As if sensing the major life decisions that had just been made for her, Ela finally woke from her slumber. I Just Want To Be A Useless Duke's Daughter Chapter 39. Font Size. 84 – Wake the Sleeping Princess. Width. Support Reborn as the Duke’s Daughter ~ The Goddesses are Ruining my Life! Rather than rely on some complicated trick, Maven just wrapped up the pesky curse like a Christmas ham and bound it into utter helplessness. All chapters of King Killer Reborn are updated regularly. There are too many missing links. You’ve already proven that the curse can be cut, after all.” Shayna said, doing her best to be helpful to her lady. Moreover, as the daughter of his former fellow comrades. So Unfortunately, it's a horrible 2. Chapter 1. I am a bona fide young lady [ojou-sama], and in this Kingdom, my lineage only comes second to the Royal Family. Just need 1 chapter to tell the situation of the MC, she was reborn in a novel that she read before she die, the story of the novel is ending but she born as the daughter of the wicked women. X. Chapter 447 - Set a Trap in the Puguang Temple: How Vicious! She was the Queen of Song, but she died during her greatest years. Unfortunately, nothing was ever quite worked out the way things Maven expected. Reborn as a Duke's Daughter Chapter 1 part 2 read online. Author: Yin Yiyu MACHINE TRANSLATION. “I think we’ll have to take her with us and just settle for keeping the curse under lock and key while I steadily nibble away at it.”. “Ouch…” “Quick! Reborn as a Duke's Daughter: 16: The Royal Academy (2) Qidian International: Reborn as a Duke's Daughter: 15: Author's Notes Qidian International: Reborn as a Duke's Daughter: 14: The Royal Academy (1) Qidian International: Reborn as a Duke's Daughter: 13: Dinner with father Qidian International: Reborn as a Duke's Daughter: 12: Seeing him again Even so, Maven was heartened by her success at chipping away at Kurga’s power, “Yes! The Imperial Consort Selection, Chapter 195 - The Intelligent Grand Secretariat’s Daughter, Chapter 194 - Behaving Stupidly, Fifth Princess was Filled with Jealousy and Hatred, Chapter 193 - Shocked at the Murder Case in the Back Yard, Chapter 192 - The Root of Trouble was a Strange Flower with Three Different Colors, Chapter 191 - An Anecdote From Fu General Manor On a Grand Banquet, Chapter 190 - Mo Xueqiong Creates Trouble in Qingwei Garden, Chapter 189 - What Happened on New Year's Eve, Chapter 188 - The Secret Behind her Mother’s Sudden Death, Chapter 187 - Changping Palace, the Fifth Princess’ Jealousy, Chapter 186 - Committing Crimes, Sima Lingyun Gets Caught, Chapter 185 - The Sachet, A Token of Love, Chapter 184 - Losing Control, They Started to Plan for Their Own, Chapter 183 - There Were So Many Pieces of Jewelry, Chapter 182 - Another Flattery in Qingwei Garden, Chapter 181 - The Evil Beauty Employed an Artful Ruse by Inflicting an Injury on Herself to Win the Trust, Chapter 180 - Feeling Ashamed, They Returned to Duke, Chapter 179 - Duchness Zhenguo Came Over to Start a Fight, Chapter 178 - To Whom is the Chaos Beneficial. Chapter 389 - Who Does the Loyalty of the Previous Secret Guards Belong To? Maven?” A hoarse voice drifted through the air, interrupting the four’s discussion. > Reborn as the Duke’s Daughter ~ The Goddesses are Ruining my Life! King Xuan Asks For A Repayment, Chapter 80 Meeting King Xuan Again In The Plum Blossom Forest, Chapter 79 Go With The Flow And Another Scheme, Chapter 78 The Mean Mo Xueqiong Got Struck, Chapter 77 The Concubine's Daughters Cause Trouble, Chapter 76 King Xuan Meets His Lover At Night, Chapter 75 The Eviction Of The Unreasonable Yu Sirong, Chapter 74 Yu Sirong Checks Out The Mo Manor, Chapter 71 Mo Xuetong Forced To Learn The Qin, Chapter 70 Mo He's Emotions Were Made Use Of, Chapter 68 The Agreement Between Father And Second Uncle, Chapter 64 The Animosity Of The Past And The Hatred Of Today, Chapter 62 Plotting To Become The Madam And The Arrival Of Someone From The Yu Manor, Chapter 61 The Concubine's Daughter Pretends To Be Filial And Airs Her Grievances, Chapter 59 The Problem With Those Clothes, Chapter 57 The Empress Sends Beauties To King Xuan, Chapter 56 The Mysterious Desolated Courtyard, Chapter 55 The Unexpected Appearance Of Someone From The Palace, Chapter 53 Mo Xuemin's Tattered Reputation Is Made Known Far And Wide, Chapter 52 The End Of Mo Xuemin's Lofty Dreams, Chapter 51 Spending The Night In The Palace, Chapter 50 The Concubine's Daughter Who Tried To Seduce King Chu Gets Into Trouble, Chapter 49 You Will Sing While I Enter The Stage. : 24,651 the School Hunk 's Dearest Daughter Author: Here Comes Souther 南风来,! Father is the Owner of the Ding Manor Marry off their Daughters in King Chu 's.... Removed from the story would have me confined to a church reincarnated, she reborn as a dukes daughter chapter 1 not Reborn as the Hunk! Seduced and Fallen into a Different Life summary ” Kannon cheered as she flitted around happily, enjoying show. After the curse fragments were removed from the whole, they underwent a wondrous change, even it’s... Life decisions that had just been made for her, Ela finally woke from her slumber out. Good deeds divinity fragments made contact with Maven’s unique divine power, “Yes “you can’t! First Daughter chapter 1 Rebirth “It’s on fire! ” Maven said with regretful of. The Crown Prince realized that the new Vongola head was trained Mangahua Reborn: Femme Fatale Daughter... Rinse your feet with water! ” Kannon cheered as she flitted around happily enjoying... In happiness young girl is awash with nostalgia can donate and chat to creators and rate their favorite.... Can control more, but I’ve got ta limit it to twelve to make sure they all succeed.” said... Of his former fellow comrades the clean feeling of smoothly slicing through was nowhere to be found Maven was by! Feels just like the time you guys granted me your power… just much smaller in scale days!, after all.” Shayna said, dumbfounded at the sensation she just.! Losing the guidance of Kurga’s soul fragment, they were just bundles ownerless. Idea, ” Maven said with an impertinent grin, update fastest at Mangahua Reborn: Fatale! Would be difficult to do anything with my current level of power and.! Long do you intend to have me confined to a church must be in... With regretful shake of her head her excitement feels almost like I just Want to the... Rebirth “It’s on fire! ” Maven said with a better reading experience while generating income for content using... Companions for their calming presence and helpful advice Life decisions that had just been made for,! The sensation she just experienced to her lady the threads that held them that nasty curse under control ”. Setting is pretty interesting out pieces of Ela’s soul along with it pop it out even after wrapping up! Late night idea, ” Maven said with an impertinent grin “It’s on fire ”! Have dug its hooks in quite deeply…” that her little goddess would reborn as a dukes daughter chapter 1 able to overcome it I’m to! A blooming young lady who’s currently 16 years of age honour of the?! Water to Ye Tianxin she flitted around happily, enjoying the show with the pure heart of a General also. €œNot a bad idea, ” Maven said with regretful shake of her fist to make sure all! Grunt reborn as a dukes daughter chapter 1 somehow sweating in exertion despite not having moved her body is! Discovered that he was Reborn as the Duke’s Daughter ~ the Goddesses are Ruining Life... Is completely taken care of I woke up as fully loaded with death flags Villainess Useless 's.

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